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Fungi that connect us - Part 1 - Fungi that heal us mind, body and soul.

Throughout history we have seen many cultures use fungi for medicinal purposes, to heal ailments in the body, to heal people from depression & PTSD and also to reconnect us to life itself by expanding our consciousness.

A Mycelium is a network of fungal threads that grow underground, they have more networks than our brain's neural pathways and work much the same way with electrolytes - electrical pulses. They are everywhere, in recent years it's been discovered that trees actually communicate to one another using these mycelium pathways often to their kin to share nutrients or warn them of pests to advise them to regenerate further afield.

Isn’t that just the most magical thing you've ever heard?

Kind of reminds me of the film Avatar, so crazy to think how connected we really are to everything on earth, it's just a shame in our western society that we grow up to learn differently.

Majority of people will say they’re not religious and that they have no belief in some ideological ‘God’ or being of higher power, myself included. However a lot of people of late are losing their way or being too overwhelmed by this new technological age. A feeling of loneliness and depression. Myself at times have found things too overwhelming.

However history will tell you we are actually living in the safest most comfortable time period we have ever lived through, everything at our fingertips, so why despair?

I think if people got back to their roots, stepped into nature and if more people knew how connected we really are to each other and everything on earth, they would feel a huge sense of enlightenment and feel a part of something greater than themselves.

We as humans are naturally social creatures. We like to feel understood, to feel loved and to love others.

If you believe in science and proven facts then believe in the magic we have here on Earth, more and more scientist are uncovering these incredible truths about our Earthly existence and I believe its fundamental for people to start realising the power we have within and the wondrous natural remedies we have here, to heal us and reconnect to one another.

Studies have shown how turkey tail mushrooms can heal people with terminal cancer diagnosis. This revelation was particularly exciting for me as we have cancer in our family and you can also take it as an immune system stabiliser/booster as a preventative measure.

There are fungi - mycelium - that are natural pesticides and carbon collectors, this solves the issue of depleting insect populations with current pesticides used on farms and reduces carbon emissions to help with global warming.

Psychiatrists have been doing studies since the 50’s on how psilocybin can heal people of depression and PTSD, stop addiction, cure anxiety and generally reconnect people. I won't go too sciencey on you but effectively taking psychedelic mushrooms can allow your brain to fire new synapses creating new pathways to overcome trauma.

You must know that Eastern medicines have used psilocybin for healing purposes throughout history, archaeologists and scientists have found evidence of this as far back as records go so it's not uncommon, it just seems the western world grew up to learn worse.

Taking psychedelics got a bad rep for itself back in the 60’s, just as scientists were having incredible breakthroughs with healing people, due to the anti-war and anti-establishment movement, that occurred during the time they were sending people to Vietnam. Government obviously felt their power being threatened so they created propaganda around psychedelics, fear mongering people to believe the effects could send you mad and saying 'people who take mushrooms are to be distrusted' to cause divide amongst one another. But why would you want to be at war with people or feel controlled when you see everyone/everything with compassion and as your equal?

When you take psychedelics you have this immense feeling of interconnectedness with everything around you, people, plants, life, the universe, you feel one and the same, a huge sense of beaming love, you are love itself.

It's not something to be messed with however, it shouldn't be taken as a party drug, it's so much more valuable to healing our psyche and you should be with some one to guide you, as trauma from the past can arise but it arises because it's got to come out, your body wants to release what you've been holding onto for so long, to let it go and rid yourself of the toxicity it's caused in your body.

People disassociate the body and the mind as one thing, western medicine treats ill health as a way to remove or fix a physical problem. But we must go back to the cause of the problem to really fix it!

Often we hold stress in our body from trauma in our mind that manifests into a physical issue and can be such a detriment to our physical well being.

I'm not saying we should all take magic mushrooms and ‘BAM’ our problems are solved, but integrating these incredibly powerful medicines into our healing process has proven to be the most effective way to truly heal. To heal our body without healing our mind is simply like slapping a plaster on a leaky pipe, it's only a matter of time before the pipe bursts again!

We have only scratched the surface of their immense power. They truly are the most fascinating living things on this earth and will always be a wonder to me. A huge part of my creative influence, not only their inspirational beauty but also my fascination with all things mind healing and expanding consciousness.

Me back in 2017 feeling on top of the world :)

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