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Creator of Delirium wearing psychedelic blue, purple, pink Flares. Fluffy coat/jacket. Festival Fashion, rave wear
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This is me, I'm the designer/creator of Delirium, I’m absolutely obsessed with anything tactile, I’ve spent years studying textiles and seem to have some affinity for anything fluffy, overly detailed or things with see through qualities, I think it evokes the feeling of mystery and the idea that you can see but must not touch. Since a very young age I’ve been inquisitive about how the human mind works, in all its wonder, light and darkness. I find people fascinating and love to learn about how we tick, I believe if we can do anything in life to spread a little joy and share kindness for each other then this world is immediately a better place. Creativity has been a huge release for me and allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings through repetition, it has therapeutic qualities too. My other passion in life is dance music, feeling free and connecting with others is one of the most gorgeous pleasures of life. 

British rave culture has been a huge influence in my work, having spent my adolescence in front of speakers and amongst the most vibrant characters, freedom and creativity are in abundance. Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand and there is so much to explore within this field, these experiences have given me so much inspiration and really solidified my idea to start up my own business. It feels amazing when you get dressed up to go out dancing and allows you to really go wild with expressing yourself so naturally this is why I wanted to make art that people can wear, all my designs are first hand painted or drawn then scanned in to make prints onto various fabrics. 

I feel that fabrics and textures are such underrated commodities in our day to day lives. Each design brings a level of practical use but also comfort, physically and emotionally. I'm also completely obsessed with anything heavily patterned and adorn myself daily with vintage patterns, I love the way old printed patterns have a painterly qualities, I feel it brings depth and detail to clothing that we have somewhat lost in modern textile prints, this is one of my main reason for always hand drawing or painting my designs. I first came to these designs from sketching a tree root 8 years ago and since then I have exhausted this pattern with paintings, biro illustrations, prints and embroidery. 

Having spent most of my life altering clothes to get them to fit my body shape I know how frustrating it is to find things you love but just never wear because its not made for your body specifically, we are all exquisitely unique and this should be celebrated. Delirium is all made-to-order and my main aim is to make sure that all orders are bespoke to your individual body type and tailored to your specific requirements. If you've always been tall and know the struggles of trousers that are never quite long enough or vice versa, if you have big hips and thighs but a tiny waist, if you have skinny legs but more apple shaped,  just let me know your measurements and I can tailor the patterns to fit you and give you the confidence to express your gorgeous selves!

Company Ethos and morals: I aim to make people feel confident and funky as hell!

Ethically made, reducing the carbon footprint making everything here in the UK and making sure I only use recyclable packaging. 

Slow fashion brand, everything made to order and can be bespoke to your unique shape, every woman deserves to feel fabulous!   

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