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London Market Stalls

Delirium has ventured out of what I like to call the creative dungeon, dungeon being the describing word of choice simply because my studio is situated in our rather large hallway, we live in a basement flat therefore we have no windows in this section of the house, however it is rather vibrant still with all the designs and fabrics everywhere!

So we have moved onto market stalls, it was rather nerve racking and exciting to do my first ever stall, I chose brick lane to start as I thought the crowd would be rather fitting for Delirium Style and I had an image in my head of how I wished the stall to look.

I really enjoy set design, Ive always had a childish fascination with imagining myself in spaces, for instance when you're looking at a Christmas tree with all the lights I used to imagine myself tiny and envisage the scene as if I the lights where enormous around me we used to have cherry bulbs on the tree with soft pink, blue and green lights, I used to get all excited at the thought of being in a sea of lights, it felt out of this world! So as you can imagine setting up a scene (or a stall) is something that excited me a lot! I took along all my multi coloured LED lights and had heaps of scrap fabric to dress the stand, plus posters of my paintings & of course the sea of colours from my clothes. What a joy to see it all come together and my whole body or work displayed!

The next one I was involved in was the Wavey Garms, Carnival take over at Bohemian Place Market Hackney. I thought it would be really great exposure for my business with the Rave Culture scene that Wavey Garms are known for, only trouble for this is that the people going to these event tend to be into vintage brand names rather than new designers makers but still great exposure. It was a wicked day connecting with like minded people and the DJ was banging out the Tunes all day, felt right at home!

The Next Market Stall coming up is due 18th September Flea London at the Vinegar Yard, Bermondsey.


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