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“You don’t have to wear a hemp sack to know your clothes are eco friendly”😂
It IS possible to look funky as hell and be conscious of the environmental impact your wardrobe has on the Earth.

Fast fashion is the 4th most environmentally destructive industry in the world!

-With 85% of all clothes ending up in the dump each year.

-Pollution of water with chemical substances from dyeing etc.

-Washing clothing, leading to small plastics particles being sent into the ocean.

-And production causing 10% of the worlds carbon emissions.


But don’t worry you don’t have to walk around in hemp woven sacks to know you’re doing your part to

protect the environment.

Do you like know that what you buy is sourced from suppliers that make as little impact to the environment as possible, knowing every step along the production line is non toxic and everyone has been treaded fairly from environmental aspect to social equality.

We’ll look no further, we’ve got you covered…

Delirium guarantees ethical production from start to finish so you can feel confident that you are buying from an ethical business from that genuinely cares about you, the environment and the impact it has on this beautiful earth that we have the pleasure to exist in!

Delirium design process goes; inspiration, idea, experiment, scale up design A1 + draw or paint, scan in for digital enhancement, then off to printers to have our psychedelic patterns printed.

Once back at Delirium HQ I cut and stitch and zip together to create your beautiful garments.

My print suppliers source only OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics which means it’s been tested and contains no harmful substances, for us or the environment. GOTS certified to ensure every part of the production is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Using only eco friendly water based pigments throughout, we can be assured that wearing our fabulously funky fabrics comes at no cost to our environment 🥰

Here at delirium we would like to offer the return of old Delirium clothing so we can reuse and recycle.

If you don’t manage to give it away, take to charity shop or resell items, please feel free to send it back to me at Delirium so I can reuse to create bespoke one of a kind items! At delirium we know we have a responsibility all the way through even after an item has been sold.

It’s lovely to be able to be so creative every day and run a business through doing what I love but I have a liability to know the impact it has on the world no matter how small the business, we all need to do our bit.

I care greatly about making sure we collectively look after this planet so we can have a bright and innovative future for us and our children, while looking funky as hell of course! 😜

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